Liquidating and nonliquidating distribution

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Liquidating and nonliquidating distribution - Sexy girl web cam

To the extent that a distribution is made from the corporation’s earnings and profits, it is taxed to the shareholder as a dividend.[1] The portion of the distribution that is not considered a dividend is applied first to reduce the shareholder’s basis in the corporation’s stock.[2] Any remaining portion is treated as gain from the sale or exchange of property (capital gain).[3] Important Note: If a shareholder assumes a liability or takes property subject to a liability, the amount of the distribution is reduced by the amount of the liability.[4] Special rules also apply at the corporate level.[5] Special rules apply to distributions to a shareholder in exchange for the shareholder’s stock (redemptions).

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On the other hand, individual shareholders often prefer that the distribution be treated as a redemption, for three reasons: A distribution qualifies as a stock redemption only if it significantly reduces the interest of the shareholder in the corporation.

The Internal Revenue Code uses four tests to make this distinction: To prevent gamesmanship among related parties, Congress has added another layer of rules that must be analyzed to determine if a distribution is a redemption.

These attribution rules provide that shares owned by a shareholder’s parents, children, and grandchildren (but not siblings) are considered to be owned by the shareholder.[11] Similarly, shares held by corporations, trusts, and partnerships are deemed to be owned by their shareholders beneficiaries, and partners, and vice versa.[12] As a result, shares held by these family members and entities are considered to be owned by the shareholder for purposes of determining whether the distribution qualifies as a redemption.

Dividends paid on first type of shares is basically appropriation of profits and are not considered in profit and loss determination therefore, they are most commonly disclosed under financing activity.

Dividends paid on second type of shares is basically an expense and is same as interest expense which also means that such dividends are considered in profit and loss determination therefore, it would be good that if the disclosed with interest paid under operating activities.

The term “earnings and profits (E&P)” is the federal tax accounting version of financial accounting’s retained earnings.

Though similar in purpose, they are not the same amount.

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A corporation will not recognize any gain or loss on a distribution of cash to its shareholders.[13] But if the corporation distributes appreciated property, the corporation must recognize gain as if the property were sold to the shareholder at fair market value.[14] Important Note: These two rules operate as a loss disallowance system.

If the corporation distributes appreciated property, the corporation is taxed on the gain under Code § 311(b).

Answer: FALSE 5) A progressive tax rate structure is one where the rate of tax increases as the tax base increases.

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