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If he selected a straight man, he’d get nothing—and the straight guy would leave with a cash prize instead. If Bass’s series is successful, hopefully Logo will pull a -style move and offer a complementary show centering on a lesbian bachelorette—or a bisexual dating show in which all of the contestants are bi, or a dating show whose central bachelor or bachelorette is trans. Kate manages to pull that off without breaking so much as a (metaphorical, as well as literal, probably) sweat, in this patterned, red Alexander Mc Queen dress.

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That is such an absurd stereotype to place on all women and it just shows people how ignorant people can be!

In other words, it’s like any other dating show, but with gay contestants instead of straight ones.

But it -style template, with 13 suitors living together in one house; they’ll be eliminated one by one until the finale, in which the eligible bachelor picks his prince charming.

"There was no connection, there was no spark, there was nothing." The camera panned to capture the effect of such a cruel rejection. I was disgusted by Aimee's behaviour, but my disgust was nothing compared to what I felt when I looked at social media.

These are a few quotes I found on Twitter: "Aimee needs a good hard...

At least it foregrounded a gay man trying to find love, instead of using gay men as humorous accessories—or potential roadblocks in the path of straight contestants.

The series is a bisexual-themed reality dating show where 16 hetero male and 16 lesbian-identified female contestants live in Tequila's house and compete for her attention and affection.

In April this year, Zank — a gay dating app which boasted around half a million users in 2014 — was shut down following allegations that it breached the country's anti-pornography regulations.

You know when you’ve been waiting for something to happen for SO LONG, and then when it finally happens, it’s kind of…

aired the first lesbian couple — and I couldn’t be more disappointed.

I am not disappointed in the failure of love to bloom. I am disappointed that it’s 2016 and the Australian audience is still unable to dislike a woman without attacking her body, her sexuality or her eating choices.

Aimee, a staunch vegetarian, sat across from Renee as she happily munched a steak.