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Kim Kardashian releases video of what appears to be Kanye West chatting on a phone to someone who is presumably supposed to be Taylor Swift.

He was a take charge kind of guy and it was fun being around watching him live his incredible life!

Congratulations going out to "American Idol" alum Casey James who seems to have snuck in a wedding over the summer (I'm hearing August).

According to my Gab spy, Casey met his new bride Kelli in LA during Casey's "American Idol" days and the two have been together ever since.

In the movie, set in the mid 1970s, Liev plays heavyweight boxer Chuck Wepner- the reported real-life inspiration for Rocky Balboa.

The 49-year-old star looks unrecognisable in the role, transforming to play the New Jersey based boxer, complete with thick sideburns and a receding hairline.

It is not the first time Liev and Naomi have starred on-screen together, having previously played lovers in the 2006 drama, The Painted Veil.

The A-List pair have remained on good terms since the split, staying focused on their two sons, Sam and Sasha.

And fun little fact (that would excite my daughter), Kelli's sister is married to Jordon Terrell, AKA Charlie Scene, from the band Hollywood Undead.

I've put in an email to Casey's people and will update this if/when they share any details.

Naomi also looks dramatically different, getting into the role of the boxer's third wife, with her hair dyed cherry red.

The film also stars Mad Men's Elisabeth Moss and stand-up comedian Jim Gaffigan.

However later when the song came out Taylor Swift appeared to have a different reaction. v=Saalf Nr XW_I ~ to one of the hardest working & most talented individuals I’ve ever met!!

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