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Jasmine and Logan also seem to have a "teasing" relationship, as seen in Snow Problem and they also have a "more than friends" relationship. Garrett gets stuck in the corn maze and Jasmine starts to dance by herself.

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Matthews, An Inventor Who Created the Career She Wanted Hometown: Philadelphia, PA Twitter: @Black Matchmaker The gig: I am a fisherwoman.

“She’s never ever had a problem since then,” says Lorimer.

“She’s been more than open and very supportive.” 3.

This can be a challenge for busy professionals, but on those nights where you have down time, head out with a friend to a hotspot. Right" can't find you if you're hiding in your office.

Jasmine and Kevin’s mom are cool now According to Jasmine, she had no clue Kevin’s mom didn’t like her until after the show aired.

My job is to either fish for you by matching you with singles or to teach you how to fish to meet singles on your own.

I specialize in matchmaking and date coaching for Black and Hispanic professionals.

They shared their first, and only, dance (disco) in Next of Pumpkin, and Logan definitely hinted his "real" feelings for Jasmine in that episode. (Logan throws water on Jasmine.)Jasmine: You know what the worst part of this whole thing is? Garrett: I heard you say it a couple of months ago. Because if you do, that chandler won't be the only thing in pieces! I mean, Erin's my first real girlfriend Jasmine: (sarcastically) Yay(Logan's phone bleeps. And I promised her I wouldn't say anything, so you can't tell anyone either(Delia walks in)Delia: Whats going on? Logan says no one, he just wanted to do it, which makes him hint his "real" feelings for Jasmine and it makes her blush.

Name: Jasmine Diaz Age: 32 RELATED: ESSENCE Network: Jewel T.

Andersen recounts this date-gone-awry outside her office in the Allied Arts Guild, a sprawling Spanish-mission-style complex in Silicon Valley, with stone walls and terra-cotta tiles and a couple of courtyard fountains.

The 40-year-old former Merrill Lynch financial adviser is part of a new generation of matchmakers, many in their 20s and 30s, repackaging a career that seemed dusty and a romance option that sounded like a last resort.

The journey: In early 2009, I came to a crossroad where I wasn’t fulfilled in my job and desperately seeking a way to feed my creativity. I decided to listen to God and took a leap of faith by starting the Shawn Mackenzi Agency, a full-service matchmaking firm.