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Lots of musicians from this crew’s background have been dabbling in these kinds of sounds in recent years, but few have come up with such strong results.

Good Luck Chuck is released Friday nationwide in the US.A moderate number of excited teens were gathered right next to the stage.Night Terrors of 1927 was the opening band, and from the number of people singing along it seems that they were a popular choice.Drawing on an electic range of influences that includes Elvis Costello, Bright Eyes and Jeff Buckley, The Honorary Title combines raw emotion with pop hooks and remarkably poetic lyrics to write songs that defy simple genre classifications.The bands indie sensibility is fleshed out on the richly orchestrated Anything Else But The Truth, due out on June 1st, 2004 on Doghouse Records.The next song, Bridge And Tunnel seems to repeat the same formula of Frame By Frame but only speeding everything up.

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Many of their songs were reminiscent of early 2000s angst-filled rock, with song titles like “Dust and Bones.” Front man Jarrod Gorbel contributed to this aesthetic with heavily tattooed arms and dark sunken eyes hidden behind a black, heavy fringe of hair.

After a short set it was time for Capital Cities to take the stage.

They’re marking the occasion with director Anais La Rocca’s lyric video for the Tegan And Sara collaboration “When You Were Mine,” a humongous pop song that fits in that John Hughes mode the Quin sisters ran wild with on .

Back when all these people were playing emotive indie-rock in the ’90s, I wonder if they ever imagined they’d collaborate on something that sounds like a better Killers single than anything the Killers have released in years?

The song contains an overall calm feel and the lyrics are about how he feels that hes stuck in the frames of a movie.

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