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“Last Week Tonight” host John Oliver tells [email protected] his TV job is nothing compared to that of his wife, Kate Norley, an Iraq war veteran who served as a U. “So, yeah, I have more skin in the game regarding veterans’ issues than you might imagine. She went through a lot and I got to hear all the stories what it was like from her. “I’m incredibly proud of her for everything that she did and has done and is continuing to do and supporting everyone who she has served with,” Oliver told us at the 9th Annual Stand Up for Heroes event at Madison Square Garden on Tuesday night.

Amir left behind his home and family a year ago and is currently living in Sweden.

Qaraqosh was the refugee place for many Christians who escaped Mosul.

Hassan Feiraz, a 16-year-old boy, has started a desperate new life since being forced into the sex trade in Baghdad, joining a growing number of adolescents soliciting in Iraq under the threat of street gangs or the force of poverty. “I’m a homosexual and was forced to work as a prostitute because one of the people I had sex with took pictures of me in bed and said that, if I didn't work for him, he was going to send the pictures to my family.” "My life is a disaster today.

“Someone should help free us from these criminals.” AN INCREASING PROBLEM Saeed Muhammad, a senior official in the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, said it was addressing the problem but was under-resourced.

“We have been informed about dozens of cases of male prostitution, and all of them [the boys involved] were threatened,” he said.

That’s the problem with living with someone who has fought a war.

You lose the moral high ground.” GOOD JEANS FOR CANCER RESEARCH Martha Stewart, Rag & Bone honcho David Neville, Kate Spade, Robin Roberts and Abby Elliott helped raise million for the Basser Center at its inaugural benefit at Cipriani Wall Street.

She’s one of my heroes.” Oliver says his lady also gets special treatment from him at home because she has seen so much.

“I can’t come home and say I had a really tough day at work today and see her roll her eyes and go, really?

There, he hopes to register and expand his charity Ira Queer, as it is illegal to do so in Iraq.

He has received multiple threats from both officials and his friends because of who he is and the work he does.

The center, which focuses on the prevention and treatment of cancers, honored Jon Gray, global head of real estate at Blackstone, and his wife, Mindy Gray, who together have contributed over million to fund the research center.