Intimidating cop cars

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Corliss was found guilty last month of 10 counts of mail fraud and one count of embezzlement for repeatedly collecting pay for construction detail assignments at the same time he was supposed to be on the clock for his regular police job, a scheme known as "double dipping." Prosecutors said Corliss, the highest paid city employee in Quincy in 2015, essentially stole $8,000 from the city through the overlapping shifts.

Resisting without,” before once again ordering him to walk to his patrol car.“I didn’t escalate the situation,” Shipman said in a later interview with the “I was trying to figure out what I did wrong.”READ MORE: Florida father mistakes Good Samaritan for child predator, beats him after he helped lost daughter Bolen then asks Shipman to produce identification, which he says he does not have on him.“That’s another infraction,” Officer Bolen said.A 21-year-old African-American man used his cellphone to capture a Jacksonville, Fla.police officer threatening him with jail time – for jaywalking. ” Shipman is heard saying at the start of the video.DUNMORE -- Here in Pennsylvania, from Pittsburgh to Philly and everywhere in between, we're used to seeing state police in white vehicles, responding to emergencies or just a routine day on the road.Now, those vehicles are turning a darker shade one by one as the state updates the fleet.Police obtained involuntary commitment papers on Henson after one of his co-workers at tape manufacturer Shurtape in Hickory told police Henson made threats against Elisa Slutzky, Don Slutzky said.

An incident/investigation report provided by police to the Observer on Thursday confirms police involuntary committed Henson.Police also seized nine firearms worth a total of ,750 from Henson, the report shows.Police, however, were unable to charge Henson with communicating threats because Henson didn’t make the threat directly to Elisa Slutzky or ask his co-workers to tell Slutzky he planned to harm her, Don Slutzky said Hickory Deputy Police Chief Maj. Henson would have had to do either for police to charge him under state law, Don Slutzky said.BOSTON - A former Quincy police lieutenant awaiting sentencing for a fraud conviction received a warning this week for Facebook posts that prosecutors called "intimidating and threatening." Thomas Corliss, a 52-year-old Hanover resident who once headed up the Quincy Police Department's special operations and tactical units, appeared in U. District Court in Boston on Thursday after federal prosecutors said the posts, which included a quote from the television show "Dallas," may have violated the terms of his release.Judge Leo Sorokin allowed Corliss to return home after warning him about the potential repercussions if he has additional issues.A little over three months later, Slutzky, 47, and Henson, 55, of Hickory were found dead of gunshot wounds in Slutzky’s home in the 12300 block of Cross Meadow Road, off Mc Coy Road.