Intimidating a victim

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Intimidating a victim - heath ledger who was he dating

940.45, whoever knowingly and maliciously prevents or dissuades, or who attempts to so prevent or dissuade, another person who has been the victim of any crime or who is acting on behalf of the victim from doing any of the following is guilty of a Class A misdemeanor: (1) Making any report of the victimization to any peace officer or state, local or federal law enforcement or prosecuting agency, or to any judge.(2) Causing a complaint, indictment or information to be sought and prosecuted and assisting in the prosecution thereof.

775.084, where the official investigation or official proceeding affected involves the investigation or prosecution of a life or capital felony. 775.084, where the offense level of the affected official investigation or official proceeding is indeterminable or where the affected official investigation or official proceeding involves a noncriminal investigation or proceeding.Whether you are entering the job market for the first time or were recently terminated, it is important to understand your rights as a worker.Both federal and state governments have enacted a wide range of employment laws protecting employees from discriminatory treatment, unfair labor practices, unsafe work conditions, and more.NRS 199.180 Irregularity in administering oath or incompetency of witness no defense.NRS 199.190 Deposition: When deemed to be complete.Selection: If RMvlc agrees to take the case, the staff will set up a follow-up appointment.

If the case is not appropriate for RMvlc or RMvlc is unable to take the case, staff will provide referrals to other agencies.

NRS 199.240 Bribing or intimidating witness to influence testimony. NRS 199.460 Extortion of confession; refusing accused communication with attorney or friends. NRS 199.520 Disclosure of information to subject of investigation.

NRS 199.242 Limitations on defenses to prosecution for influencing testimony of witness. OTHER OFFENSES NRS 199.260 Neglect or refusal to receive person into custody. NRS 199.300 Intimidating public officer, public employee, juror, referee, arbitrator, appraiser, assessor or similar person. NRS 199.330 Buying or promising reward by justice or constable. NRS 199.470 Malicious destruction of legal and other notices. NRS 199.530 Notification of possible search or seizure.

Wanamaker was ordered to have no contact with the victim in those cases, but the day after he was arraigned, the Lehigh County District Attorney's office alleges Wanamaker made numerous calls to the victim while in the county lockup.

During the calls, Wanamaker instructed and then demanded the victim to ignore any requests to appear in court, according to investigators.

NRS 199.050 Juror, arbitrator or referee promising verdict or decision or receiving communication. NRS 199.140 Use of fictitious name on affidavit or complaint to effect arrest or search.

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