Insfficient key column information for updating or refreshing

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Insfficient key column information for updating or refreshing - Seniors sex cam

Thank you, Daniel Daniel Hutchins Woodbridge, CA have noticed that when you use ADO in VBA, this message appears when you either update the Key field, or you don't have a key field and you update the field that VBA has decided to use to uniquely identify your records.When I added a key field to my MS Access table, my code ran several times with an error.

I have a project that is linked to SQL Server 2000, in which I have constructed a view of two linked tables. Yes, you could cheat with an SQL command tool and use the key fetched for the other table, but client engines are not that smart, I must add. If you can't do so, then your question is most likely not a good fit for this site. Imagine, that you'd like to update this resultset (even manually by some SQL command tool): because you didn't fetch any unique primary key. I only guess, but I don't believe that there are fetched any metadata for the WHERE clause (which is the only place where you could get the unique primary key for the Customer table).So in your case it would be something like this: Turns out there's nothing wrong with the query.I was trying to execute the statement inside a cursor operation inside a stored procedure.To load a hive without requiring these special privileges, use the Reg Load App Key function.

" Just because you're an admin account doesn't necessarily mean that you have those privileges.

Form Create(Sender: TObject); begin Save Enabled := False; ADOQuery CC. Check Save Button Clicked; begin if not Save Clicked then begin Ado Query CC. @Victoria is extremely good at answering questions, but even she is having to guess what you are doing. As she has said, you should provide an MCVE - see Please go there, figure out what my problem is, and then come back here and give me a solution is not how this site works.

Ext Ctrls; type TFNew Car = class(TForm) ADOConnection1: TADOConnection; ADOQuery TC: TADOQuery; Data Source TC: TData Source; ADOQuery CC: TADOQuery; Data Source CC: TData Source; DBLookup Combo Box1: TDBLookup Combo Box; Label1: TLabel; Label2: TLabel; Btn New: TButton; Btn Save: TButton; DBGrid1: TDBGrid; ADOQuery TCCus ID: TAuto Inc Field; ADOQuery TCName: TWide String Field; ADOQuery TCCName: TWide String Field; ADOQuery TCAdd: TWide Memo Field; ADOQuery TCCity: TWide String Field; ADOQuery TCPhone: TWide String Field; ADOQuery TCEmail: TWide String Field; ADOQuery CCName: TWide String Field; ADOQuery CCCus ID: TInteger Field; ADOQuery CCCar: TWide String Field; DBEdit1: TDBEdit; procedure Btn New Click(Sender: TObject); procedure Form Create(Sender: TObject); procedure btn Save Click(Sender: TObject); procedure ADOQuery CCBefore Edit(Data Set: TData Set); procedure ADOQuery CCBefore Insert(Data Set: TData Set); procedure ADOQuery CCBefore Post(Data Set: TData Set); private procedure Check Save Button Clicked; function Get Save Enabled: Boolean; procedure Set Save Enabled(const Value: Boolean); protected public Save Clicked : Boolean; property Save Enabled : Boolean read Get Save Enabled write Set Save Enabled; end; var FNew Car: TFNew Car; implementation procedure TFNew Car. ADOQuery CCBefore Insert(Data Set: TData Set); begin Save Enabled := True; DBEdit1. ADOQuery CCBefore Post(Data Set: TData Set); begin Check Save Button Clicked; end; procedure TFNew Car. If it is not in your q already, you need to add the code of the method in which the error occurs. It is because your q is off-topic at the moment because you do not provide sufficient inform for readers to be able to answer.

Likewise, customers can use information about the update process in the CCE to help them better design their own projects for efficient updatability.

Updating plays a crucial role in projects in which the CCE is a component, and it often entails a highly complex and dependent behavior.

It is an independently instantiable OLE DB rowset object, implementing all of the required rowset interfaces, many of the most interesting optional interfaces, and several unique interfaces that might make their way into future versions of the OLE DB specification.

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