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Range is an all volunteer effort dedicated to providing Range Rover enthusiasts, owners and prospective purchasers throughout the world with practical buying, ownership, maintenance and repair information on all models of Range Rovers in a condensed and organized format.As such, Range has become a fraternity of friends who embrace, live and understand the Range Rover lifestyle that is so often misunderstood by owners of lesser vehicles.

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If you would like to see how our sites look has changed over the years look at our Site History Page.

The nightly rate is .50 and includes all amenities at The Village.

received several buyer reports that the silver model images on this website do not match the actual color of products they have received.

If you're used to doing your online shopping through Pay Pal, this can be frustrating.

But there is a way to pay for your Amazon orders with your Pay Pal account: The Pay Pal debit card.

Between the Redwoods National Parks and the Pacific Ocean, our guests enjoy both the majesty of untouched old-growth forest and the adventure of wild coastal beaches.

Our spacious RV Park campground is nestled in a quiet forest setting–so close to nature, yet we’re only two minutes from the services and conveniences of Crescent City on California’s Highway 101.

We dealt unashamedly with comfort, technology and performance.

We compiled pages of information about the abilities of Range Rovers, as well as their unique issues and how to address them, all based on our personal experience.

We've looked thru our inventory and must agree; the majority of our current silver finish stock has a definite gold or sepia cast (see at right).

Buyers should take this into account when choosing to order silver versions of our products. Domestic buyers will receive payment confirmation from whichever processor (Authorize.net, Amazon Payments or Paypal) they've chosen to use, and shipping confirmation either from Paypal or Stamps.com, as well as directly from us We ship worldwide, and our payment processors support most countries and currencies.

Small items such as cartridges, styli and hubs may fall below the minimum amount eligible for tariffs.