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Now they have hired Elle Duncan as their brand new on-field reporter. Okay,so let me just say I don't see a problem with her dating Will and covering the games.

NESN also carries minor league baseball games, regional college sports events, various outdoor and sports talk shows, and tape delayed broadcasts of Premier League soccer games.

She didn’t do much to discourage them, either, telling John Molori in 2005 “NESN has never put rules down to me about dating players, colleagues or anyone else.

If they did, I wouldn’t work there.” When Heidi Watney was with NESN, she faced rumors of relationships with Red Sox players Jason Varitek and Nick Green.

There is more opportunity for these types of relationships to develop, which doesn’t make them acceptable, but perhaps does explain why they seem to happen more.

It might be time however, for the Red Sox to put some sort of policy in place about these things.

NESN is also distributed nationally on satellite providers Direc TV and Dish Network and as NESN National via select cable providers.

NESN is also on Play Station Vue at the same areas it is broadcast on cable.With the news on Friday about CSNNE’s Jessica Moran quitting her job with the network due to rumors about her relationship with Red Sox manager John Farrell, it is perhaps time to wonder what sort of policies are in place on Yawkey Way about this sort of thing.Former GM Ben Cherington was previously married to Wendi Nix, who had worked at NESN, Fox Sports New England and WHDH during the time in which Cherington was coming up in the Red Sox organization.Mike Wickham is well known in the MLB world, he is probably one of most hated men on earth, don’t get me wrong, he is the nicest guy, smart and well-grounded but he is also the lucky guy who is married to Heidi Watney who is by far one of the sexiest sports reporters in the MLB. Mike Wickham, allow us to tell you a brief biography of his pretty wife MLB reporter Heidi Watney. Mike was the assistant director, scounting of the San Diego Padres back in 2002, three years after that they named him director and minor league operations, since Nov. 39-year-old Mike Wickham a Stockton native and Lincoln High graduate class of 1993 is the son of Stockton attorney Shelley Green graduated in 1997 with a BS in accounting from North Park University.She's interviewing baseball players and unless she's actually diving onto the field and making out with Will in front of everyone then I really wonder about WHY they demoted her.