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Interestingly, the nanny cam has also evolved to being a granny cam for older children to now check on their aging parents — to keep watch of the caregivers or to check on the seniors’ activities in the home while giving them some degree of independence still.The nanny cam can also be hooked up to the Internet as a webcam with remote viewing capability.HOW IT IS USED Designed and introduced to discretely monitor the activities of childcaregivers or nannies, it is being actually used to record any activity inside the home and other locations,hence also broadly referred to as a spy or hidden camera.According to a report on the WBAL evening news in Baltimore, Jaki Taylor used a granny cam to capture images of an in-home caregiver repeatedly abusing her father, a stroke victim.In New York, 22 nursing home healthcare workers were arrested after authorities used hidden cameras to prove mistreatment was taking place.According to the National Center on Elder Abuse, physicians and other healthcare professionals are involved in 21.6 percent of reported cases, while family members are the perpetrators nearly 15 percent of the time and service providers are involved 9.4 percent of the time.

People suffering from dementia, as well as women and those with physical disabilities, are the most likely victims of caregiver abuse and neglect.

After the story here last week about the Two Matts that includes a video they produced for an elder home monitoring system, a TGB reader in Tallinn, Estonia, left a comment with some concerns about such services: "I'm working for a company that designs a product for older people and I've thought about these types or products a lot..." explained Mariliis Jõras who works at Sentab which, she says, does not yet have a home monitoring product but is considering it.

“Is that something you would enjoy as an older person yourself? “An app that notifies your children or grandchildren of literally every move you make and every step you take? Just because someone is old, doesn't mean that they don't have the right for privacy anymore. referring to PERS devices (Personal Emergency Response System), those medical alert buttons that many elders wear around their necks or, sometimes, on a wristband to summon help by pressing a button.

HOW IT WORKS The camera’s receiver can be connected to a recording device through a cable or a wireless transmitter.

It can also be set up as a portable receiver-screen which can be carried around in the house by parents to keep an eye on the children in the different areas of the home or in their respective rooms.

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