Gemini best dating match

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Gemini best dating match

Gemini is much more compatible with the cardinal signs, which are the leaders taking the initiative.They like change as well, as long as they decide on it. Such a relationship, with one leader and one follower, is at least mostly smooth. One big issue is Gemini’s urge for simply having fun. With the fixed signs, uneager or slow to change, Gemini easily gets bored and restless.

When it comes to star signs, compatibility ratings are only a generalised guide, but just for fun here’s a look at some of the best (and worst) zodiac sign matches for earthy Taurus.

Actually, differences are important in a relationship.

If there are few of them, both will be bored with one another.

Both signs are insanely adventurous so they're always up for anything — in and out of the bedroom.

They enjoy trying new things and make sure to have a good time in the process.

Or which one will give you the most passionate mate? Whether astrology is a real thing or not, many people swear by it or are at least curious as to how it works. We could all use a little help in the love department every now and then, so why not see what the stars tell?

If you're interested in learning which zodiac sign you should date, you're in luck.

Two earth signs together can be a staid and stuck in the mud combination, but it works for Taurus and Virgo.

This sweet, romantic and old fashioned relationship is rooted in shared values, dignity and hard work.

But now the year 2017 would be asking the Gemini natives to trim down the connections as you cant have your hands full.

For compatible relationships to exist, some sort of periodic pruning is called for now and then.

For this year, you are keen on pursuing your relationships with that special one person in your life.

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