Form not validating javascript

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Form not validating javascript - divorced dating a divorced dad

If the user chooses "None" on the dropdown menu, I want the other dropdown menu and textbox to be disabled before the user tries to submit.I am new at javascript, and am trying to get it so that when a user doesn't fill out all fields on my form, that they get an alert error.

You can provide custom validation for your forms in two ways: server-side validation and client-side validation.Most often, the purpose of data validation is to ensure correct user input.Validation can be defined by many different methods, and deployed in many different ways.A Java Script check is useful because it stops the form from being submitted if there is a problem, saving lots of time for your readers.The CGI script is still more reliable, as it always works regardless of whether Java Script is enabled on the client-side or not; but having this extra safety barrier is a nice thing to have in place.Each field in the form can have zero one or more validations. More info & downloads where Do My Validation One() and Do My Validation Two() are custom functions for validation.

For example, you can have an input field that should not be empty, should be less than 25 chars and should be alpha-numeric. In some dynamically programmed pages, it may be required to change the validations in the form at run time.

The zip file contains the javascript file, examples.

The script has a catalog of almost all the common validation types built-in.

Using client side Java Script is an efficient way to validate the user input in web forms.

When there are many fields in the form, the Java Script validation becomes too complex.

Server side validation is performed by a web server, after input has been sent to the server.

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