Effective communication involves validating

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Effective communication involves validating - dating ona on site

One part of effective speaking is knowing your listeners and how they may react, or delivering your message in a generic fashion if the listeners are not known.

No one can question the importance of email in today’s business environment.

All businesses, including insurance companies, have a philosophy, or an ethical position, whether to comply or not comply with external requirements.

This article analyzes the processes of a compliance program in the context of the property and casualty insurance industry of the United States, from the perspective that a company’s philosophy is to comply with external requirements (laws), and that the company has an established and effective compliance program.

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Empathy and trust are a platform for effective understanding, communication and relationships.

To ensure understanding, the terms listed below are used as follows: The pre-compliance monitoring process focuses on three areas: the monitoring of governmental agencies for proposed new laws or changes to current laws; analyzing these proposals to determine likely affects on the business; and possible attempts to influence the proposal to a more favorable outcome.

This process necessarily concentrates on the three branches of the government.

Serious issues are best delivered in a serious tone, but with regard to the known or potential reaction of the listener.

The reaction of the listener to both good or bad news can be directly controlled by the speaker, as long as the word choice and delivery are carefully considered.

The party communicating the initial message can ask the receiver of the message to restate it to ensure it was received and understood.

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