Dumb dating advice

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Dumb dating advice - perfect spot dating site

I was aware the guys I dated were unusual, weird to say the least so that every date I have been on deserves to be written about. Countless boring as s**t photos received of mountains, clouds, and castles (I get it.. I’ve been listening to him talk about every single thing he did in his day.

Getting excited that a dude asked you what day it was? But just like we totally copied Cady’s Juicy Couture zip-up and plaid skirt combo, we probably copied some of Cady’s horrific dating blunders too.

We were embarrassed when our teacher called us out for being smart or when we were escorted to the “gifted” class. Because we were busy trying to impress boys who we thought would only like us if we were dumb.

And while most of us weren’t obsessive enough to fail math on purpose, lots of us fell victim to the whole “pretending you didn’t know how to do something so a guy would help” flirtation technique, just like Cady Heron.

Being called The Welsh Bridget Jones at the age of 25, is that a compliment or an insult?

Will I end up 43 years old dancing around my living room in a onesie singing love songs to my Bengal cat? I date quite a bit, more than the average woman- just because I guess I can?

Join us in celebrating Mean Girls day and LOL-ing at all the dumb shit we did in high school.

Sometimes, sadly, during your teen years, you might think being dumb is “cute.” And no matter how much we tried to escape it, it was a thing.

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Nothing broadcasts raging sexual prowess like using a script written by people on the internet. Tingle What It Does: It's an online dating app that allows you to text and talk with strangers without revealing your phone number. When I was little, my mom used to warn me about "the tingle" before a herpes outbreak. Well, the questions have already been asked for you, silly.

Phones are leaves three-minute voicemails of Gollum rasps with random contacts while it's in my bag.

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