Dhcp not updating dns windows 2016 r2

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Dhcp not updating dns windows 2016 r2

However, upon restart, the client computers' Preferred DNS Server keeps resetting to x.x.x.5. When that happens, internet connectivity becomes spotty or nonexistent.Taking 30 seconds to load or just giving page load failures.

I liken it to the days when automobiles had carburetors; a mechanic could fix most engine performance problems by fiddling with the choke—spritz a little WD-40 into the throttle body, charge and retire in the suburbs after a few years. Check the TCP/IP settings, run a few utilities to verify the zone records, charge 0 (correcting for inflation) and retire to Arizona.I have followed the white papers but the domain controller will not write the AD DNS information to the infoblox system. Well over 70 percent of all support calls that come to Microsoft support services that start out as Active Directory or Exchange calls end up being DNS calls.Using Netflow, I could see the ip address of the offender but couldnt see the hostname of the computer/workstation that was the offender.Here is my config for DHCP on the switch -ip dhcp pool PC network domain-name dns-server default-router lease 8This is an office across the street from the main building.I cannot figure out why the Preferred DNS Server keeps resetting to our server's address.

I have also tried putting in Google's DNS server on the client computers but it's still significantly laggy over the proper x.x.x.254 setup.Until Microsoft devises a fix, if necessary, the software giant's advice is simple: reboot your PC.Plusnet has told its customers to use static LAN IP addresses and fixed DNS settings, rather than obtaining this information automatically via DHCP, to reach the web.Client computers are set up with static IP addresses, and with the Preferred DNS server set to x.x.x.254, which is the IP address of our modem.When these settings are intact, everything works beautifully.The cause of the bug is so far unclear, although Pluset has blamed an unspecified “third-party update.” It is understood that at the heart of the cockup is a recent Windows Update release – and it's hard to tell which one is at fault because Microsoft is now deliberately vague about what exactly is in each of the sets of patches it pushes to people's machines.

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