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Datingtipsforyou com - speed dating in nyc for over 40

The Minnesota matchmaking agency of Janis Spindel is proud to announce it has reached over 2,000 marriages.

Continue reading Last evening, I had a dinner gathering with my ex-school mates. Ed asked as he looked at me in the eye and that immediately confirmed his suspicion right away. Continue reading You guys have a pleasant first date, so what’s going to happen next?

I’ve been there, it took me nearly nine months before I was ready to go on a date.

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Continue reading Your eyes begin to sparkle like a child’s on Christmas morning, you feel yourself flush with excitement at the thought of seeing them again, and your world lights up with endless possibilities. This is especially true in Singapore, one of the busiest countries in the world; We’re all occupied juggling work, friends …

Continue reading Can you like someone for no reason? Whether we’re aware of it or not, there are psychological reasons as to why we find someone outstandingly attractive. Continue reading Image from Pixabay Nowadays, it’s not uncommon for people to have a hectic schedule squeezed to the brim with appointments.

Continue reading “I love you.” Those three simple words can cause so much trouble when they’re said too soon, too late, too often, too little. As it is a fresh year ahead, we are going to go back to basic and revisit on some of …

Continue reading Hey guys, As many of you would have know for now that a good communication is the main building block of a lasting relationship but did it occur to you that in the midst of communicating to our loved ones, …Perhaps you fall for free-wheeling musicians or artists, or maybe you make a beeline for bookish, intellectual types.You might consistently go gaga over redheads or blonds or prefer dark-skinned, brown-eyed partners.Try not to be pressurised by your friends and family telling you to go out or trying to introduce you to their friends.You need to be over your ex completely before you can open your heart to someone new.Continue reading Yep, holiday season is approaching as we are coming to the year end..