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It was a new experience for me because most everything I had written in my adult life was either procedures or technical guides.

I guess you'll need to see that view from a bench at your zoo. For those who have spent time in high-control religious groups, it is realization that you can still have a rewarding inner walk with God beyond the restrictive, lifeless repression you experienced in the group.Growing numbers of people are realizing that what has been passed down to us as “this is the way it is” is nothing more than bondage: the inability to question dogma and expectations to follow self-righteous rules and regulations.Planned Parenthood accused the state of changing the interpretation and then unfairly targeting the organization.The word "mandating" uses 9 letters: A A D G I M N N T.Those experiences are opportunities to learn, to grow, to mature, to shed the old, to become reborn. Walking through the woods is a wonderful way to oneness.

Connecting with God and God’s creation does more for our souls than we feel or realize.Could get shot, not an exaggeration, and still have a better year than 2012 at my plot. Even with nothing to tell, I'll still ring the bell. No longer will all be choking, As I puff my cancer stick. Religion helps many get started down the path of spiritual discovery, but it is not enough.We were not created to be (or, at least, act like) sheep. Would it be dogging around if it were a wrench carrying hound?

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    We’ve had our differences, like any parent and child will, but I love him and he loves me. Actually, I’ve had no problems being White…quite the contrary, admittedly. They’ve received a false impression of me that won’t be altered, so it’s best just to move on.

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    You may be surprised at the amount of open-minded people that are out there, looking to have an adventure with you.