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Go ahead watch some coast guard rescue video on Deadliest Catch, it’s like that.

Goodman, a lawyer for an association of Vietnamese that filed the suit as a class action, said the decision would be appealed. "He ruled as a matter of law that what these defendants manufactured was not a poison, whereas even these manufacturers recognized that it was at the time." The companies have long said that dioxin was an unwanted byproduct of the manufacture of Agent Orange, but claimed that there was no conclusive link to the many serious health problems blamed on Agent Orange.

Agent Orange Case for Millions of Vietnamese Is Dismissed By WILLIAM GLABERSON Published: March 10, 2005 In a decision that could close a controversial Vietnam-era chapter of American history, a federal judge in Brooklyn today dismissed a damage suit filed on behalf of millions of Vietnamese that claimed American chemical companies committed war crimes by supplying the military with the defoliant Agent Orange.

Advertisement The civil suit, filed last year, had sought what could have been billions of dollars in damages and the environmental cleanup of Vietnam.

He always had a camera with him, especially on family outings, vacations and business trips. Why would you take a camera (especially before the age of a camera that slips into your pocket easily) on a business Trip?

I’ll tell you, he went to some interesting places on business.

Two years ago when I first arrived to Japan, I was all starry-eyed with wonderment and beyond excited for what life in a Japanese university would bring.

I barely knew any Japanese beyond basic travel essentials and my image of the country was glamorized by movies, dramas and songs. Don’t get me wrong, I still love Japan, but I am beginning to understand and learn more about the country beyond the shining lights and glittering sights.I made new friends in school, other foreigners in my batch, and when classes started I made friends with both exchange and Japanese students.Things were fine, and I thought everything was the same for everyone.And in the early 1960 those destinations centered around CINCPACFLT in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.Not to mention destinations east of there like Japan and Vietnam.I’m a Chinese Singaporean and have lived in Singapore all my life.

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