Dating ultrasound 2 weeks behind

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Dating ultrasound 2 weeks behind - thomas bloomberg dating

I'm getting another scan next week at Sydney Ultrasound for Women as they have the best equipment and specialists so I can totally trust what I'm being told (my last pregnancy I was told twice baby was in my uterus and when I got another opinon at Sydney Ultrasound for Women they found it was actually in my tube and the other place had totally screwed up twice! I'm trying so hard not to worry but I'm really struggling.I'm so scared and just want to know if anyone has heard of this with it turning out ok?

*hugs* It does depend how certain you are on when you ovulated.My OB said it was tilted today during my dating ultrasound (so maybe my third birth tipped it).I've always been able to get accurate dates on my previous babies and my doctor wasn't able to get an accurate measurement today. Its making me a little nervous that the baby looked so small! I got an early positive test so I didn't ovulate later than I originally thought.If you are absolutely sure of your dates it does sound worrisome. With my first pregnancy we were actively ttc and so I was 100% sure of my dates.your situation sounds so much like my third pregnancy though. I went for a dating scan at approximately 7 weeks but baby measured approximately 6 weeks with a heart rate of approximately 90bpm. We went back in 2 weeks time (so I should have been 9 weeks pregnant) and the baby was still measuring small but now with no heart beat. She told us the baby looked good and was measuring 6 weeks and 2 days.

I went to the lab for blood work and found out that they could fit me in that day for an ultrasound. She first tried the abdominal ultrasound and said it was hard to get a good reading as the baby was so small.

He says that I am suspect for a miscarraige because of baby measuring behind and thinks that with my hormone levels being so high he should have seen a more pronounced heartbeat.

But baby is still so small i am surprised he thinks he can see anything stronger than what we saw!

Was anyone else not able to see the baby well because of a tilted uterus??

I've had over a dozen ultrasounds within the past 7 years and I've never been told I have a tilted uterus.

This is an IVF baby (frozen cycle with a 5dt) and I had my first ultrasound on Wednesday.

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