Dating rituals in the middle east

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When outgoing Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad visited Egypt last year, the sheik of Al-Azhar, the bastion of Sunni theology, told him sharply that if the sects are to get along, Shiites must stop “insulting” the “companions of the prophet.”Still, only the most hard-core translate those differences into hatred. surge, a revolt by moderate Sunnis against al-Qaida in Iraq and a Shiite militia cease-fire.But events in Iraq over the past decade show how politics can cause long-simmering tensions to spike. S.-led invasion that toppled Saddam Hussein's Sunni-dominated regime in 2003 propelled long-oppressed majority Shiites to power. The result was vicious sectarian fighting that lasted until 2008: Sunni insurgents pulled Shiite pilgrims from buses and gunned them down; Shiite militiamen kidnapped Sunnis, dumping their tortured bodies on the streets and in rivers. But violence has again increased as minority Sunnis feel disenfranchised by the Shiite-led government and Sunni extremists have been emboldened by the successes of Islamic militants in the civil war next door in Syria.

Ideally all of the direct mourners sit shiva in the house of the deceased, for it says, "Where a person lived, there does his spirit continue to dwell." Thus the presence of the person who has passed away is strongest in his own home. Particularly, a home of one of the direct mourners will be filled with the spirit of the loved one who is now gone.

Shiites say the prophet's cousin and son-in-law, Ali, was his rightful successor but he was cheated when authority went to those the Sunnis call the four “Rightfully Guided Caliphs” — Abu Bakr, Omar, Othman and, finally, Ali. In the Middle East, Shiites have strong majorities in Iran, Iraq and Bahrain, with significant communities in Lebanon, Yemen, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and other parts of the Gulf. But theology and religious practice distinguish between the two sects.

Some differences are minor: Shiites pray with their hands by their sides, Sunnis with their hands crossed at their chest or stomach. Shiites, for example, believe Ali and a string of his descendants, the Imams, had not only rightful political authority after Muhammad but also held a special religious wisdom.

The loss is forever, but the psychological, emotional, and spiritual healing that takes place at every stage is necessary and healthy.

This article will examine the following topics: Stage one: shiva Sitting shiva Arranging the shiva house After the cemetery Timing of shiva Paying a shiva call Prayer services Leaving a shiva house The three day "shiva" Getting up from shiva Stage two: shloshim Stage three: the one-year period Annual remembrances: yizkor Yahrtzeit Unveiling of tombstone Visiting the cemetery Grief and bereavement After the burial, the immediate mourners return to a home called the "shiva house," to begin a seven day period of intense mourning. This week is called "sitting shiva," and is an emotionally and spiritually healing time where the mourners sit low, dwell together, and friends and loved ones come to comfort them with short visits referred to as "shiva calls." A person sits shiva after having lost a parent, spouse, sibling, or child.

rowing up, Olivia Smith-Elnaggar was definitely a romantic.

“We watch movies and we read books and whatnot about people who are falling in love,” she said.Memories will come easily there, and part of the comfort of the week of shiva is sharing such memories.It is best for mourners to move into the shiva house together for the week.Shi'ite Muslims listen to Sheikh Abdulmehdi al-Karbalai speak during Friday prayers at the Imam Hussein shrine in the holy city of Kerbala, June 13, 2014.Iraq's most senior Shi'ite Muslim cleric urged followers to take up arms against a full-blown Sunni The Sunni-Shiite split is rooted in the question of who should succeed the Prophet Muhammad in leading Muslims after his death in 632.They range in orthodoxy from extremely devout to moderately strict to more culturally Muslim than truly religious.

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