Dating of the tower of babel

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There is no way to know for certain what the proper age is for any of these events, but we can make certain speculations about the age.For instance, for many years, scientists thought that the first humans in North America ventured here via a land bridge between Russia and Alaska about 13,000 years ago.

Both of these groups—those who totally deny the historicity of Noah and the Flood and those who accept parts of the story—are persuaded in their disbelief by the way they interpret modern science.

Several people have asked about the timing of Biblical events within the framework of old earth belief.

With this article, I hope to answer some of those questions, although as you will see, we cannot be very accurate with these dates.

Another site, the Meadowcroft site in Pennsylvania, contains artifacts dated to 16,000 years ago.

Based on this and other discoveries, many scientists now believe that North Americans also arrived via boat, prior to the Bering Straight land bridge of 13,000 years ago.2 Thus, for archaeological evidences, the earliest date we have for North America is about 16,000 years ago.

As Christians who believe in the Bible, of course we think the events of the Bible happened just as the Bible records them.

I cannot speak for all old earth believers, but generally, we accept a literal reading of Genesis, and the existence of the Garden of Eden, the Flood of Noah (local, but universal in effect), and the story of the Tower of Babel, and others that we need not consider.

This is significant because this allows increased strength and the possibility of a tremendous structure.

It is these fine details of the biblical text that show historical narrative as the structure of these passages.

Later, our Sunday School or seminary teachers added to our knowledge of this great man, his righteousness, his missionary work, and the revelations surrounding the building of the ark.

As Latter-day Saints, we treasure this sacred, true account of one of God’s great prophets who lived so long ago.

An ancient tablet provides the first ever image of the tower of Babel and offers a "very strong piece of evidence" that it was a real building. Andrew George, professor of Babylonian at SOAS University of London. tablet was discovered in Babylon more than 100 years ago.