Dating of the exodus

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Dating of the exodus

, the individual times of the biblical events can be added together to arrive at the number of years between a 1552 Exodus and the 968 Temple foundation.Actual years are often added at one less than the time given in Scripture because the last year of a prior event overlaps the first year of the following event; this eliminates counting the same year twice. Eli's first year as judge is presumed to be in the same year as the last of the Philistine servitude.

One frequently reads that archaeological evidence contradicts the Bible, especially the Exodus and Conquest accounts.

Then, together with this author, they published their view in Biblical Archaeology Review in 1987.

See also Moses and the Gods of Egypt (Davis 1986: 18-21) for a discussion of an early Conquest.

It was more than 480 years (I Kings 6: 1), which is the usual scriptural solution.

There were 585 years from the founding of Solomon's Temple back to the Exodus, and this can be demonstrated in three proofs.

Mainstream scholarship understands Israel's settling of the Hill Country is Iron I, ca. Why then does the Bible's chronology have an Exodus "hundreds of years" earlier?

The answer is very surprising and has been preserved for almost 2000 years in the writings of an Egyptian priest/historian called Manetho. Yeno’am is made into nonexistence; Israel is wasted, its seed is not.” Ashkelon, Gezer and Yeno’am are followed by an Egyptian hieroglyph that designates a town. Although Biblical scholars and archaeologists argue about various aspects of Israel’s Exodus from Egypt, many of them agree that the Exodus occurred in some form or another. In the 1930s, archaeologists at the University of Chicago were excavating the mortuary Temple of Aya and Horemheb, the last two pharaohs of Egypt’s 18th Dynasty, in western Thebes. Set up by Pharaoh Merneptah to commemorate his military victories, the stele proclaims, “Ashkelon is carried off, and Gezer is captured. A worker’s house from western Thebes also seems to support a 13th-century Exodus.I highly reccomend to the reader, "Dating the Exodus," a Th D dissertation by Dr. Meyers (1997, Trinity Evangelical Seminary, Florida), which discusses various proposals for the Exodus' date using Jewish and Non-Jewish sources in addition to the biblical evidence.He favors the Hyksos Expulsion as being behind the Exodus traditions, and notes this was the common understanding of the Early Christian period. the following url: Another reccomended article is by David Goldstein (published 24 July 2006) titled "Of Pharaohs and Dates: Critical Remarks on the Dating and Historicity of the Exodus From Egypt." He calculates an Exodus as occurring circa 1447 or 1528 BCE (the latter of which by _my calculations_ falls in the reign of Pharaoh Ahmose I who expelled the Hyksos). E.=Before the Common Era, an alternate scholarly designation for B. Jacobovici was apparently aware that some scholars dated the Exodus to circa 1446 BCE on the basis of 1 Kings 6:1 chronology.(He ruled from the late 14th century through the early 13th century B. E.) Horemheb chiseled out every place where Aya’s name had been and replaced it with his own. During their excavations, the University of Chicago uncovered a house and part of another house belonging to the workers who were given the task of demolishing the temple.

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