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Hussey starred in what was considered the most successful adaptation of a Shakespearean work at its time in the 1968 film, which won Academy Awards for best cinematography and best costume design, and was also nominated for best director and best picture.The film was popular with a younger audience, due in part to the young age of the actors at the time (Hussey was 15, and Whiting was 17), and the two actors were considered to be the next rising stars in film.

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We couldn't really afford to go to one of the expensive drama schools. And I said, "You know, I see you've got your writing paper, and one day I'm going to be on that writing paper. And I'll pay for my own fees." And that's what we did. So by the time that was with the Manchester United Football team. And I went—you know, we were all sent out on auditions from our drama school. G: () OH: But I was only sixteen halfway through the filming, so I got over it quickly.

Olivia Hussey (born Olivia Osuna; 17 April 1951) is an English-Argentinian actress.

After appearing in theatre in London, Hussey was chosen to play the role of Juliet in Franco Zeffirelli's 1968 film version of Romeo and Juliet.

In 1990, she appeared in two other horror productions: Psycho IV: The Beginning, and Stephen King's It.

In addition to screen acting, Hussey has also worked as a voice actress, providing voice roles in multiple Star Wars video games, including Star Wars: Rogue Squadron, Star Wars: Force Commander, and Star Wars: The Old Republic.

She was born in Buenos Aires on April 17, 1951, daughter of an Argentine singer and an English mother who divorced when she was two.

She and her younger brother lived in a small flat near the Tower of London with their mother, who worked as a legal secretary.FOR thousands of adoring fans, Olivia Hussey will always be a 16-year-old beauty in a tight bodice who aches with desire in iambic pentameter.Thirty-five years after Franco Zeffirelli chose her to star in his film adaptation of Romeo and Juliet, she still receives letters from breathless boys who have seen the film at school and fallen hopelessly in love with her. With her soulful eyes and dark, silky hair framing a perfectly oval face, she is ravishing in the part.On the contrary, she wears her years very well indeed.When we meet under the vast, opulent dome of a nearly deserted restaurant in Beverly Hills, I'm struck by how little she has changed. OH: My mother took us away from Argentina when I was seven and my brother was six. So I asked her to find—I was fearless when I was small like that. But I just asked her to find a drama school, and she found a drama school in England, and we couldn't really because we had left Argentina with so little. And Miss Conti looked at me and laughed, and she said, "You know, I love your spunk." And she said, "I'll give you the chance." I said, "My mother can help in dribs and drabs but, really, I know I'm going to start working once I'm here. And then I started doing modeling and doing walk-on parts and you know. But it was like we loved each other—my big crush was on Franco. I just loved his genius and the way he worked and—you know, I was crushed when I found out he was gay.

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