Dating griswold skillets

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Dating griswold skillets - Arab saudi imfo sex

One Griswold item especially difficult to locate is the Erie No.

ERIE iron remains among the finest of Griswold’s foundry products.

Cast iron cookware has been around for more than two thousand years.

The material was prized for its durability, heat retention, and natural non-stick surface.

If you have a Griswold skillet stamped Erie, that means that Griswold manufactured it between 18.

Check the bottom of the skillet for the image of a spider whose body is comprised of a skillet. The edge of the skillet shows the word "Erie" in large letters, while the center contains a logo comprised of a spider in a web.

After running this site for several years, many similar questions arise, useful links and general information have been posted on the FORUM.

I thought I'd try to maintain this FAQ page and compile some of these "repetitive", useful and important posts on this page as an archive.

“It may have “Sidney, Ohio” on the bottom or just “Sidney O.” This indicates that the piece was made by Wagner Ware before 1922.

Many early pieces are labeled as “Wagner” with the name in quotation marks.

Now that I know better, I use reproductions I’ve bought to show people what not to buy.

Specializing in the best, I collect Griswold cast iron cookware made between 18.

In this illustration, the reproduction is shown on the left and the authentic Griswold “Erie No. The bright orange rust and the smaller size are tell-tale signs of the reproduction, making spotting the genuine “Erie” easy in this pair.

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