Dating furniture casters

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Dating furniture casters

From: Anna Comments I have purchased an old dresser and it has a large water ring on the top. I did try some solvent (antique restorer) that worked well for the rest of the finish, but it did nothing to the water ring. From: Jim Cole Comments If the water ring is white it is in the finish and if it is a lacquer or shellac finish you can use Blush Eraser which is available thru Woodworkers Supply.

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What is the best way to refinish the lamps so they can be used outside?Visit us online at and view our extensive range online.We are open from 11am – pm UK time, Tuesday – Saturday. Twentieth-century tables may be reinforced with large, crimped staples.A one-board top, made from a single piece of wood, is a good indication of age.Below we have some great guidelines, but the REAL answer has to be found from a qualified appraiser.

Most of the information below was garnered from the Antiques Roadshow Primer, but it is not complete.

From: [email protected] Try using Moses T's Reviver, it will remove any water rings.

I have used this on hundreds of pieces of antique furniture and only failed to remove rings on one table top.

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Fixed upholstery sometimes replaced loose cushions and after 1660 woven cane-work - introduced from the East Indies - was fashionably seen on the seats, and often the backs too, of most chairs.