Dating fender tube amps by serial number

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Dating fender tube amps by serial number - X rated cam 2 cam sites

([email protected], 'Re: Gibson Minuteman', alt.guitar.amps, Aug 6, 1996) Greatest reverb and tremlo sound of it's time. (Fred Duffer) At 14 to 18 watts it is not really very loud but what a tone.[...] reverb and tremlo [footswitch] (see pics) (ebay, June 21, 2003) Rate the GA-15RVT Explorer (white panel)... With volume below about 25% it is quite clean but roll it up above 50% and it really sings.

Subtract one from the other and I'll have a rough-cut figure for how many were made. PRII owners were kind enough to start sending their serial numbers in.

In 1974 the company name was changed to Music Man, and in 1975 Leo Fender was named as its president. It is not absolutely clear in how far Leo Fender was involved with the design of these amps, most sources say that alone Tom Walker was responsible for the amps, while Leo Fender designed the guitars and bass guitars.

The first Music Man amp – a head called Sixty-five – had already most features of all later models.

On this site you'll find product information, technical specifications, and troubleshooting information.

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It is surely fair to say that Music Man followed the footsteps of earlier Fender amps, so their amps were also aimed at the best possible clean sound.

So it is not a big surprise that they used a solid-state design (ICs and transistors) for the pre-amp section.GA-1RT(-1) Maestro Reverb-Echo (tweed) GA-1RVT Maestro Reverb-Echo (aka Maestro M-1RVT) (tweed) GA-2RT Maestro Deluxe Reverb-Echo (tweed) GA-2RVT Maestro Deluxe Reverb-Echo GA-3RV GA-4RE GA-5 Les Paul Junior GA-5 Skylark (two-tone) GA-5T Skylark (two-tone) GA-5 Skylark (Crestline) GA-5T Skylark (Crestline) GA-5 Skylark (White Panel) GA-5T Skylark (White Panel) GA-5 Skylark (1967-) GA-5T Skylark (1967-) GA-6 (two-tone) GA-6 Lancer (tweed) GA-7 Les Paul TV Gibsonette GA-8 Gibsonette GA-8T Gibsonette, GA-8T Discoverer GA-8 Discoverer (Crestline) GA-8T Discoverer (Crestline) GA-9 (two-tone) GA-14 Titan GA-15 Maestro (two-tone) GA-15RV Maestro (tweed) GA-15RVT Explorer (White Panel) GA-16T Viscount GA-17RVT Scout (Crestline) GA-18 Explorer (Tweed) GA-18T Explorer (Tweed) GA-18T Explorer (Crestline) GA-19RVT (Tweed) GA-19RVT Falcon (Crestline) GA-20 GA-20 (Two-Tone), Crest (Tweed) GA-20T (Two-Tone), Ranger (Tweed) GA-20RVT Minuteman (White Panel) GA-25 GA-25RVT Hawk (Crestline) GA-30 GA-30 (Two-Tone), Invader (Tweed) GA-30RV Invader (Tweed) GA-30RVT Invader (Crestline) GA-35RVT Lancer (White Panel) GA-40 Les Paul GA-40 Les-Paul (Two-Tone), GA-40T Les-Paul (Tweed) GA-40T Les Paul (Crestline) GA-45T Maestro (Two-Tone), Standard (Tweed) GA-45RV Maestro (Tweed) GA-45RVT Saturn (White Panel) GA-45RVTL Saturn (White Panel) GA-46T Super Maestro (Two-Tone) GA-50 GA-50T GA-55 (Two-Tone) GA-55 Ranger GA-55V (Two-Tone) GA-55RVT Ranger (White Panel) GA-55RVTL Ranger (White Panel) GA-60 Hercules (Crestline) GA-70 Country and Western (Two-Tone) GA-75/(75W) GA-75 Recording (Crestline) GA-75L Recording (Crestline) GA-77 (Two-Tone), Vanguard (Tweed) GA-77RV Vanguard (Tweed) GA-77RVT Vanguard (Crestline) GA-77RVTL Vanguard (Crestline) GA-77RET Vanguard (Crestline) GA-77RETL Vanguard (Crestline) GA-77RET Vanguard (White Panel) GA-77RETL Vanguard (White Panel) GA-78RV Maestro 30 (Tweed) GA-78RVT Maestro 30 (Tweed) GA-78RVS Maestro 30 (Tweed) GA-79 Multi-Purpose (Tweed) GA-79RV Multi-Purpose (Tweed) GA-79RVT Multi-Purpose (Tweed) GA-79RVT (Crestline) GA-80 Vari-Tone (Tweed) GA-83S Stereo-Vib (Tweed) GA-85 (Two-Tone) GA-86 Ensamble (Tweed) GA-87 Stereo Maestro (Tweed) GA-88S Stereo Twin (Tweed) GA-90 GA-95RVT Apollo (White Panel) GA-95RVTL Apollo (White Panel) GA-100 Bass (Tweed) GA-100 Bass (Crestline) GA-200 (Two-Tone), Rhythm King (Tweed) GA-200 Rhythm King (Crestline) GA-300RVT Super 300 (Crestline) GA-400 Super 400 (Two-Tone) GA-400 Super-400 (Crestline) GA-CB GA-Custom BA-15RV Atlas IV Atlas IV (Power Plus) Atlas IV L (Power Plus) Atlas Medalist Duo Medalist Mercury I (Power Plus) Mercury II (Power Plus) Mercury II L (Power Plus) Mercury Medalist Titan I (Power Plus) Titan III (Power Plus) Titan V (Power Plus) Titan Medalist Thor 14W 1x10" Guitar Combo (identical to the GA-6 Lancer except for the 10" speaker, and to the Epiphone EA-30 Triumph) Speaker: 1x10" Inputs: 2 2 Channels: 2 Volume Controls: 2 Tone Controls on Each Channel: 1 for both channels Tremolo: No Tubes: 5 (2x12AX7, 2x6V6, 5Y3 or Pre (2x7025), Pow (1x6V6 PAIR 5Y3)) Extension Speaker Jack: No Monitor Jack: No Watts Output: 14 Shipping Totals: 1959: 1, 1960: 386, 1961: 106 Push-pull 6V6s; like a Fender 5D3/5E3 Tweed Deluxe; cross between the two Fender circuits (Miles O'Neal's web-site; May 30, 2003) I have a 1961 version, bought it broken, and had it thoroughly gone through, NOS tubes, caps, some repairs. The two interactive channels offer lots of options.Supposedly only 14 watts, it seems comparable to a 22 watt amp. mic.): 3 1 Channels: 2 Volume Controls: 2 Tone Controls: 1 Tremolo: No Tubes: 5 (12AX7, 6SL7, 2x6V6, 5Y3 or Pre (1x7025, 1x6SL7), Pow (1x6L6 PAIR 5Y3)) Extension Seaker Jack: No Monitor Jack: No Watts Output: 14 Shipping Totals: 1955: 110, 1956: 57, 1958: 8 Harmony Central Review GA15 Harmony Central Review GA15 110 Combo Schematic with 1x12AX7, 1x6SL7GT, 2x6V6GT, 1x5Y3GT This amp was introduced in 1955. NOS takes Fender's 15W gem and gives it the true vintage treatment with tweed covering and a vintage-style 12" Jensen speaker.Its power is generated by an all-tube signal path using a pair of EL84 Groove Tube output tubes and 3 - 12AX7 preamp tubes.1x10" Guitar Combo with Reverb and Tremolo Speakers: 1x10" Inputs: 3 Channels: 1 Volume Controls: 1 Tone Controls on Each Channel: Bass, treble Tremolo: Yes Reverb: Yes Tubes: 5 (2x6EU7, 12AU7, 2x6BQ5 (correspond to Epiphone EA-32RVT Comet) or Pre (2x6EU7, 1x12AU7), Pow (1x EL84 PAIR)) Diodes: 2 Extension Speaker Jack: Yes Monitor Jack: No Watts Output: Shipping Totals: 1965: 892, 1966: 4350, 1967: 761 Harmony Central Review GA15RVT Schematic with 2x6EU7, 1x12AU7, 2x6BQ5 Push-pull 6BQ5s; is there a close Fender model? 14W 1x10" Guitar Combo with Tremolo Speaker: 1x10" Inputs: 3 Channels: 1 Volume Controls: 1 Tone Controls on Each Channel: 1 Tremolo: Depth, frequency Tubes: 5 Extension Speaker Jack: No Monitor Jack: No Watts Output: 14 Shipping Totals: 1960: 1289, 1961: 883 Best amp in its class ever period kicks tweed delux ass try it thru 16 ohm 2x12 cab with internal 8 ohm in series and you get spanky clean headroom into 4.4 ohms with minimal mismatch. Sweetest low volume clean sounds with p-90s volume control set higher to "m" on volume control gives perfect small stage volume, with a fulldrive 2 or other 2 channel pedal it's all the rig an experienced player needs. Likes matched, 7 gt rated tubes and a good tech setup. Don't agree with the princeton comparisons, and circut is better imho than delux.

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