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Argentine coinage dating back to 1813 has an image of the same sun, as does the Uruguayan flag (differing only in the amount of rays), and early versions of the Peruvian flag.

"La Siesta" is one of Spain's best-known customs.

From the food and entertainment to the social conventions, Spain stands out from other European countries with its distinct blend of swagger and charm.

Once under Roman rule, Spain passed through the hands of the Visigoths and later the invading Arabs.

The original 1813 national anthem of Argentina also makes dramatic, lyrical reference to Incas, assuring that their dead “are shaken, and in their bones the ardor revives, for the sons of the homeland, ancient splendor”.

Argentine politician and revolutionary military leader, Manuel Belgrano (1770-1820) designed the flag itself.

The name "Uruguay" is a Guaraní word meaning "river of shellfish," or "river the uru birds come from." Uruguayans have a strong sense of national identity and patriotism.

There are no alternative traditions or nationalities within the country. Uruguay is on the southeastern Atlantic coast of the Southern Cone of South America, bordering Argentina to the west and south and Brazil to the north.

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The Iberian nation of Spain boasts a distinctly vibrant culture overflowing with bravado and tradition.

Spain encompasses many stereotypes, though it offers much more to discover beneath the surface.

The name Oriental Republic of Uruguay República Oriental del Uruguay, derives from the fact that the country lies east of the Uruguay River, a major tributary of the Rio de la Plata estuary.