Dating and religion

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Dating and religion - tips on dating with your ex boyfriend

So when Christian Mingle asked me to fill out what I thought being a Christian means in my bio, I immediately thought of Christmas and filled that in.I didn’t think I’d have much luck on a site that asked me for my favorite Bible passage.

In this age of cultural melting pot and globalism, why are people searching for people of the same religious background?

Dating someone from a different religion or faith is far from unusual.

For some people, ‘religion’ merely refers to the faith into which they were born and is something they may no longer actively practice.

Completing your dating profile accurately in all areas is vital to finding reliable matches on any dating website, of course.

However, this is especially true of questions regarding ‘religion’. Sure, if you’re an atheist who doesn’t particularly care about the religiosity of your potential dating matches, then you have the option to shape your dating profile on to reflect that.

(Though they certainly aren't against it.) In fact, religion viewed as a priority in the way in which one chooses a husband was far from my understanding. But what if in my case, love didn't fade and was instead the force behind a wonderful home?

The way I saw it, love, kindness, patience and, of course, a sense of humor all came before , as my grandparents would have said. What if raising kids without a structured religion allowed them to grow up in a world where the guilt from their family (or the culture they were raised in) never burdened them from being with the one they loved?Even though I'm a Jewish girl who went to Hebrew school twice a week for countless years, had a Bat Mitzvah in a Conservative synagogue, went to sleepaway camp, experienced Birthright and joined a Jewish sorority in college, I still never . And that's how the bickering began -- and the first time I even really had marriage on the brain. Listening to him read a short story aloud because "it's good for our memories." Never feeling embarrassed about asking where Bulgaria is on the map or eating unhealthy amounts of popcorn.The whole, "Grow up and marry a nice Jewish boy" has never been my family's motto. After a night of tears and arguing and getting defensive over a religion I had thought I had very little connection to, I did the only thing I could think of. Knowing that he could pinpoint my emotions based on a slight facial expression. People say love fades eventually and religion is the foundation that makes things easier for a family.In the world of online dating, religious sites indicate a classic belief among some love seekers that faith matters and that God is the ultimate matchmaker.“God has a match for you," claims a major Christian dating site called Christian Mingle.The answer seems to be as basic as "like seeks like," and the conviction that an essential element of a successful romance is a similar worldview, cultural references and life plan.

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