Dating a passive man

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Dating a passive man - dating events for singles

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When he gets angry at you for something that you had no idea was bothering him, he will get back at you in covert ways instead of just talking to you about it.This seems to be a common complaint among the women I see in couples counseling as well.Strangely though, most guys who don’t initiate anything else have no problem with initiating sex, which then adds insult to injury in their wives’ minds: “You won’t initiate anything else, but you’ll try to have sex with me?Aggressive mates are actually a dangerous choice, since they are likelier to do dumb things and get hurt or killed, or be rejected by the group for being difficult to get along with.When women today say that they want their husbands to be more assertive, or less passive, here are some examples of behaviors they want to see:– Planning dates– Initiating conversations– Doing projects around the house, without being nagged– Initiating activities with the kids– Sitting up and leaning forward, with a look of enthusiasm, during conversations– Standing up for themselves, e.g.I share with you here what I tell my clients and friends.

I encourage you to learn from the mistakes of your dating past and to reevaluate your goals and expectations in relationships.For instance, he may have a drink with that co-worker who was rude to you or have dinner with his ex-girlfriend with whom you had no idea he was still in contact.In my recent post Top Ten Fixable Reasons Your Wife Won’t Sleep With You, one turn-off that really resonated with my female readers was when a guy acts “passive.” Many women complain about their husbands being passive, not initiating activities, laying around watching TV or clicking around on their computers, and overall not appearing to have much drive or passion.”There is an evolutionary reason that women hate passive guys.If we visualize them in an earlier age, passive guys would not be able to defend their wives from predators, nor would they be good at hunting and providing for their families.In most ways, assertive people do better in life than timid people, because they can express their needs and get them met.