Dating a music man bass

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Dating a music man bass

Setup When you purchase an Ernie Ball Music Man guitar or bass, it has already been personally tested and tuned by one of our experienced setup technicians, ensuring you can play right out of the box. (hereafter "EB") warrants for one (1) year from date of purchase by the initial retail purchaser that this product shall be free from defects in material and workmanship.

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by 1973 and in January 1974 the final name, Music Man, appeared.

This warranty does not cover damage caused by accident, misuse, abuse, neglect, unauthorized or improperly performed repairs, alterations, and/or wear and tear occasioned by use of the product, and does not include any expense for inconvenience or loss of use while the product is being repaired or replaced.

EB expressly disclaims any liability for consequential damaged arising from the sale, use, or inability to use the product.

While the serial number information below refers only to instruments produced through 1992, a significant change in serialization of instruments occurred in 1997, with the advent of 4-bolt neck guitars.

The 4-bolt neck guitars and 6-bolt basses changed to serial numbers beginning with "CL".

When developing the first Sting Ray basses for Music Man, Leo relied on a young-and-up-coming star Sterling Ball—son of Ernie Ball—to test the instruments, work with R&D, and deal with artist relations.

The bass shown here is an early Music Man Sting Ray bass prototype custom built for Ball in 1976.About one year later, the numbers changed to a "CLF" prefix.The prefix "CL" and "CLF" stand for "Clarence Leo" and "Clarence Leo Fender", respectively. The George Fullerton model, which when changed to 4-bolt neck attachment, continued with serial numbers using the prefix "GF", for "George Fullerton" until discontinued.[Source: wikipedia] General info Man Ernie Ball Headstock image left courtesy of Chris Rice, Rice Custom Guitars.ABOUT THIS SECTION The information in the table and text below the horizontal bar was compiled by Paul Bechtoldt, columnist for Vintage Guitar Magazine, and is included in his book G&L: Leo's Legacy.WD offers many more Musicman pickguards than shown here.

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