Dara and g dragon dating 2016

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Dara and g dragon dating 2016 - Web cam en vivo gratis

Congratulations.” and congratulated her out of nowhere.Sandara Park, replying to this, said “I went to the after party of BIGBANG’s concert, and because many fans gathered, we went out that way as a “concept”.

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In the video, you can clearly see G-Dragon cradling Dara’s head as he protectively (and swoon-worthy-ly) guides her towards safety.G-Dragon and Dara are rumored to be in a relationship as fan videos of the two being very affectionate with each other are all over the internet.Alleged proofs that the two are dating resurfaced online.However, there is still no confirmation as to who will be playing the best friend.With this, Sandara Park is the best choice for the role as she is known to have a very frank and straightforward character that can be compared to be very similar to how Jang Bora really is.I don't like seeing a 33-year-old grown-woman, acting like 15-year-old Damsel in distress in need of shielding.

The people went there for Big Bang not anything else (like the reason 2ne1 disbanded is that they weren't generating revenues from concerts).

to show their connection, that’s why Kwon Jiyong a.k.a.

G-Dragon of Bigbang and Sandara Park a.k.a Dara of 2NE1 are both making headlines nowadays.

This made me realise that Kylie Jenner isn't so bad after all, I didn't like the 18-year old before this but this made me realise she's one strong teenager.

In no time, the picture spread like wildfire and fans went crazy over it.

They both shared a photo sporting the similar dark shade of purple hair color.