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Aphrodite was considered to be a woman of breathtaking beauty and irresistible charm. EUGENIA We are kicking off today’s Irresistible Five list of girls from Cyprus with a sultry lady, Eugenia.The breath-taking brunette from Limassol describes herself as a woman of strong beliefs and character.

It was launched on 20 July 1974, following the Cypriot coup d'état on 15 July 1974.

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For the 1570 Ottoman conquest, see Ottoman–Venetian War (1570–1573).

In 1983 the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) declared independence, although Turkey is the only country that recognizes it.

The beautiful island of Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea.

Social and training meetings held in the Larnaca area. An informal club, welcoming members from all walks of life & abilities. British guiding units across southern Cyprus: Paphos, Nicosia and the British bases.

A community oriented centre to meet therapists & tutors. A non-profit organisation offering a variety of groups from archaeology to mosaics, card-making to philosophy/discussions, history to board games. Rainbows (aged 5-7), brownies (7-9), guides (10-14) and senior section.The coup had been ordered by the military Junta in Greece and staged by the Cypriot National Guard In July 1974, Turkish forces invaded and captured 3% of the island before a ceasefire was declared.The Greek military junta collapsed and was replaced by a democratic government. Send positive messages about Cyprus to everyone abroad & counter recent bad press. Send, Share and Forward Positive messages-imagine the good we can do! Main objective is the promotion and development of guitar. Shop based in Nicosia, dealing in war gaming, tradeable card games and collectables. Members are guitarists and guitar teachers from all over Cyprus.It is a place with a long history and a rich culture that goes back 10,000 years.