Compatibility dating questions

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We talked about various dating scenarios, about women who hold themselves back so as not to be intimidating, and about the emphasis often placed on compatibility, and what that relationship should look like from a gospel-shaped perspective.The Chandlers will be leading a Mingling of Souls Dating Conference on November 11 at Central Baptist Church near Texas A&M University in College Station.

That compatibility is essential, as our research has shown that it forms the basis of all happy, healthy, long-lasting relationships.

We received an email from Naini Duggal, who is launching a new matchmaking website for spiritually-minded singles called Match My

We logged in and were intrigued by the questions used to create a personal profile, so we asked how the site came about.

Admittedly, our Relationship Questionnaire is quite lengthy.

But there’s a great reason why we ask you all those questions; we want to get to know you inside out, and it’s only when you tell us who you are, and who you’re looking for, that we can really start our search.

How, then, can Christians walk this path with integrity, holiness, and discernment?

Matt and Lauren joined me on The Gospel Coalition Podcast to answer some tough questions on singleness and dating.

Now they’ve been married for 17 years and have three kids, the oldest of whom just became a teenager.

The dating worries and anxieties they’ve long since left behind in their own relationship have now hit home for them as parents.

He found that, afterwards, the pairs felt greater closeness than strangers who engaged in small talk.

Try the experiment yourself with the complete list of questions below.

Ok Cupid recently partnered up with a documentary team for a series of videos that put its compatibility system to the test.

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