Chris fountain dating

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Chris fountain dating

Located in the heart of Fountain Square, The White Rabbit Cabaret features an ever-changing calendar of live entertainment.We host national and local musical headliners, cabaret and burlesque, stand-up and improv comedy, and movie screenings.

However, Justin wanted to avoid Macki and hang around with his stepbrother Ali Taylor and friend Nicole Owen.They appeared comfortable in each others' company, as they would do - Jessica and Chris have been together for over a year, so would have been introduced to their respective parents by now.The actor, who plays Tommy Duckworth, recently admitted his partner was green with envy when she found out Chris' flirtatious alter-ego would set his sights on Michelle Keegan's character Tina Mc Intyre.'But he explained that he's nothing like his on-screen character.Chris said: 'Generally I'd say I'm not much like him.Chris Fountain played happy families with his girlfriend and mother during a break from filming in Manchester today.

The ex-Hollyoaks actor, 23, left Granada Studios with his partner Jessica Derrick and his mother.

Both Ali and Justin thought their troubles were over, until next term as Macki returned to school and wanted revenge.

The bullying got worse and both Ali and Justin were beaten up by Macki and his friends.

He explained: 'I can't lie - Michelle is a great-looking girl.

In fact, my girlfriend, Jess, said to me, "I bet you end up getting with Tina".'She was really happy when I got the part.

Ali eventually had enough of the bullying and went after him with a knife that his father, Richard, had confiscated from Justin (who got the knife to defend himself against Macki).