Chat without sign in naughty

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Chat without sign in naughty - who is doug wilson dating

This command has to be configured in the configuration.It is important that you understand how the Muting system works: Regardless of how is the user muted, they get unmuted next time the bot restarts, this is to ensure that nobody is left hanging, because it is supposed to be a timed feature.

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Add a channel to watch list, to send a short notification message in "this" channel, whenever they go live. (Use of this command and bot's response will be deleted for your convenience.)This command can ban a User permanently, or for specific amount of time, and it can do the same with people, who are not on the server yet.

(It will ban them as soon as they join.) This requires worded description why did you ban them - they will receive this via PM (and it will be added to the system as a warning) Example PM: Temporarily mute mentioned members from both the chat and voice.

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