Chat with teenagers about sex

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It can help your child avoid devastating, and possibly life-threatening, errors in judgment.“Above all, it is critical that parents be truthful, honest, and available to their children,” says Charles R. D., FAAP, Chief of Adolescent Medicine at Kaiser Permanente in San Francisco and a member of the American Academy of Pediatrics’ Committee on Adolescence.“Parents often have their own agenda — don’t do this and don’t do that.

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Sharing factual information with and giving good moral guidance to your teenager is a vitally important part of helping your teen understand herself or himself.

There is also the argument that adolescents are something like too "emotionally immature" for sexual relations; but this is a mushy argument that doesn't explain why emotional maturity is needed, what it is, and whether or not adolescents generally, or can ever, have it. Blum: The question is complicated since "adolescence" spans an 8 to 10 year period depending on how you define it and there is a lot of development that occurs during that time.

So if we leave aside the specter of STDs and avoid mushy generalities: should adolescents ever be sexually active, and, if so, under what conditions? The issues: when there is a wide difference in age between 2 adolescents (often defined as more than 3 years) it may very well be an unequal power relationship; 2. Most young people define themselves as predominantly attracted to the opposite sex. It is probably an honest reflection of how she feels and that she can discuss it with you is very good.

I wonder if any of you parents will talk to your kids about heterosexual AND homosexual relations.

I mean, many of these kids already have preferences, but for those that do not, I think it’s important to inform them about sex in the most general terms (between two people that are in love or two people that are attracted to each other — not just between a man and a woman). John Bohannon responded: My sense is that society has a long way to go before any but the most liberated heterosexual parents will talk to their kids about homosexuality. And Carl Flink chimed in: Fantastic question, Jordan.

Adolescence can be tough enough to get through without questions of sex, sexuality, and sexual identity.

But adolescents are humans, too — no matter how alien they may seem to their parents at times.

ET to field questions and comments about risk and protective factors associated with sexually active teenagers. Professor and Chair of the Department of Population and Family Health Sciences, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

He is a consultant to The World Bank and UNICEF as well as the World Health Organization where he has served on the Technical Advisory Group of the Child and Adolescent Health Department as well as the Scientific and Technical Advisory Group of the Human Reproductive Program. Of course, there is the risk of STDs; but this risk can be managed, and doesn't seem to be what really bothers people about adolescent sexuality.

Planned Parenthood and and New York University’s Center for Latino Adolescent and Family Health surveyed a nationally representative sample of 1,663 pairs of parents and their children, ages 9-21, to get a sense of how American families of all backgrounds are communicating about sex and healthy relationships.

What the inquiry found was that eight out of 10 young people have talked to their parents about sexuality.

Among those pairs, about half of the parents said they started having the talk with their kids by age 10 and 80% initiated the conversation by age 13.

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