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The textbox has some validation that I don't need to be triggered if the user is clicking on the Scan button but should be triggered if the user click on any other cell.

Private Sub Datagrid1_Cell Validating(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System.

Feel free to modify it on a way which suits your requirement best. Should you have further questions, I would be glad to help.

New Value is set to the value in the new cell during an add. I've probably got something wierd going on in the binding, somewhere. At this point, my biggest problem with this stuff is unfamiliarity. I've spent days, before, chasing down what looked like a bug only to find out it was intended behavior, and I was simply using the wrong facility to try to accomplish things. Do let me know in case you need any further assistance or if you can reproduce the behavior from your application in the sample project. I feel Telerik grid should automatically grab that value and attach it to e. Thanks again Kiran Hi Kiran, Actually, we cannot predict what is the editing element and which property should be used for setting its value to e. What if there is a custom control with multiple Text Box-es inside, which property should be use for the purpose ?

Its not permissible to have the two selected to true, but they can both be false.

I wrote code in the cellvalidating event as follows. Data Grid View Cell Validating Eve nt Args) Handles Datagrid1.

Currently the validation occurs on row and cell level.

To get notified, you can use the following events exposed by the Rad Grid View control: It is important to know that each one of the validation events is fired only when the user is trying to commit new data in the Rad Grid View control.Will it be possible to check out the project attached and verify whether you get the behavior on it ? I later figured out from other user in this forum that we need to look for e.Previously i was having a problem when the user click on the Combo Box but doesn't click the mouse so the Combo Box change commited event doesn't run therefore not getting the row, somebody replied on this forum to say i should declare and put a Combo Box On Drop Down event handler which i put and successfully do it.Still if the user doesn't event click on the first cell which has this combo Box it doesn't really restrict it.Both Cell Validating and Row Validating events allow you to stop the commit process by setting the boolean property Is Valid to False.