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The only difference is that other people do it around a water cooler and not in front of a video camera.”The couple work together on Bridget’s show Bridget and Karman had planned to wed in 2009, but with the possibility of losing legal marriage in the coming election, they took the plunge early to protect their rights.They decided to initially share the news only with their families, who were supportive and enthusiastic.

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“But we didn’t care, we loved our hippie wedding and honeymooned at the beach.I find that to be sad and depressing, which makes me laugh. To me, Bridget is chasing a dream that isn’t obtainable, even if she does obtain it. Taffy pulls too hard on her leash and makes numerous pee stops, so Real Life Bridget never breaks a sweat. Could you imagine a network comedy with a lesbian couple as the leads?She has this idea that once she’s famous then all of her problems will be solved. I would also like to write for a real half-hour sitcom. AE: How hard was it to rope Karman into playing the role of Karman?You love Bridget Mc Manus, is what I am saying, and that means I’ve got some good news for you: She has recently partnered with tellofilms to create her own mockumentary series, . I almost choked when you accosted your cat for not making it to the family meeting.It’s different than your other stuff, being scripted and everything. Bridget Mc Manus: I’m sorry you “almost choked” but what would it take to make you officially choke? My two favorite genres are documentary and mockumentary.)Bridget Mc Manus is a stand-up comic, actress and writer, who is most famous around these parts for her vlog, recaps. And her ubiquitous presence in every reader-voted-upon poll we ever conduct.

Most recently, you voted her onto the After Les/Bi list and the 2008, 20 After Hot 100.We were married by a woman named Lorelei Starbuck, so it’s not like it was a conventional wedding anyway.”They didn’t tell anyone else about the marriage.“We kept it a secret,” Bridget explains, “because we didn’t want anyone to skip out on our wedding next year if they found out we had already gone through with the legal ceremony.Or get out of givingus fancy appliances as wedding gifts — we’re planning to register at my sister’s store in Seattle.”But they’re talking about it publicly now to help boost morale after the passage of Prop 8, which they are actively involved in protesting (Bridget starredin an ad highlighting the Mormon Church’s considerable involvement in the campaign).“I’m very grateful to all of the people who worked so tirelessly on the No on 8 campaign,” says Karman. I don’t doubt for one second that we’re going to win this battle, both in the courts and in the streets, but I’m looking forward to the day when the separation ofchurch and state is a reality here, and not just something we give lip service to.”“John Lennon said it best, ‘Love is all you need.’ Or in our case, love and a really good lawyer.”Did you get married in California too? Sherry, a self-destructive makeup saleswoman, hopes a new man and business venture will provide her a fresh start.After her plans are foiled, she takes control of her life in a dramatic turn of events.Up-and-coming sports shoe entrepreneur Steve, who is still reeling from the death of his dad, has made a "November rule" in order to keep his distance from the women who seem to be getting ...