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They’re down to meet up, but respond best to being treated like actual human beings as opposed to “I wanna put my dick in your mouth” which would work well for me with Pics girls and ok with Hook Ups girls. Adver­tised as “a new way to meet new peo­ple” — not for hook­ing up.Like: girls that wanted to be on Grindr, but couldn’t, are on Blendr. There­fore, most users aren’t nec­es­sar­ily look­ing to hook up, although some def­i­nitely are.

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For almost as long, I've been telling just about anyone who will listen to me that we need a heterosexual version of this technology. Data from online dating websites actually shows the opposite: Men are picky, and women are far more forgiving and flexible when it comes to seeking a partner.Ok Cupid is also getting into the location-based dating game with an app called Locals. Unlike Grindr, which is overtly sexual, Blendr bills itself as a way to "find friends." Still, I wanted to try Blendr for myself.Since I’ve got an Android phone and the app is only available on Apple devices right now, I enlisted a close gay friend to download it, create a profile for me, and tell me how it compared to his experience on Grindr. Only the gays will get it."), and I deputized him to pull images from my Facebook page and use real details about me. Grindr profiles, on the other hand, are about physical description and sexual preferences ("You need an ab shot, an arms shot, a face shot, and a cock shot" to get anywhere with Grindr correspondence, my friend explained to me matter-of-factly).According to The Guardian, Grindr boss Joel Simkhai was relentlessly badgered by women who wanted to a similar app to find straight men. You’re not going to have many urgent fumblings up against lamp posts with something that sounds like a John Lewis wedding list.I’m amazed that nobody had set up something like this before, especially considering the amount of magazine space filled by men complaining women never want sex and vice versa, but this week, Simkhai totally ignored the clamour of the sex-hungry and launched Blendr, the straight version for straight people. Simkhai says he decided to make an app that’s more about meeting people than just hooking up for sex, presumably anticipating a huge drought in online dating websites.Like its predecessor, Blendr uses your smartphone’s GPS system to show a photo lineup of users closest to wherever you are.

It also allows you to filter users by interests, or check into particular locations, see who else is there and interact with them — virtually or otherwise.Hence, the demand for a location-based app to broadcast who's single and looking.Grindr has finally caught on and released a hetero-centric version called Blendr.In Blendr’s first few days, two things were in abundance: dudes and glitches.One of those things is a major problem for the much-hyped app, which has been heralded as the straight version of the gay hookup service Grindr.For months people have been hankering for a straight version of Grindr that lets you meet up for sex at the drop of a GPS arrow.

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