Black panthers intimidating voters video

28-May-2019 06:24 by 5 Comments

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The two have been charged so far with aiding and abetting the making of a false written statement in connection with a firearms purchase, the New York Daily News reported. Will these New Black Panther members be heavily prosecuted? In typical fashion, Attorney General Eric Holder has their back and is giving them a pass with only minor gun charges.But now law enforcement say the men’s plot went much deeper — and that the two were actually going to use the violence that was projected to erupt in the streets on the heels of the grand jury ruling as a cover to kill two key Ferguson officials: Mr. More from the Free Beacon: The communist and racist New Black Panther Party plotted to bomb St.

Roman, a GOP researcher, has a history of claiming that the left was engaged in inappropriate activities to influence elections.

My job was to find and document voting irregularities.

(I’d worked for Democrats, including Philadelphia mayor Michael Nutter, in previous election cycles.) Around midday, someone called and said that he was turned away from his polling place because a man with a billy club had told him that white people weren’t allowed to vote there.

The Politico report on the Koch brothers’ intelligence group described Roman as a below-the-radar and even secretive figure.“There was a joke about how hardly anyone ever met Mike Roman.

It was like, if you wanted to find him, he’d be in a trench coat on the National Mall,” one former member of the organization told Politico.

4 by standing outside a polling place wearing uniforms of the New Black Panther Party for Self-Defense.

Justice officials later chose to drop the matter against two of the men and get an injunction against a third, prompting criticism from conservatives that the three had gotten off lightly as a result of political interference from the new Democratic administration.I witnessed the incident at the Philadelphia polling station, and captured it on a video that became a You Tube sensation.You can see that video below the jump, as well as my account of what went down: On Election Day, I was working as a paid videographer for the Philadelphia Republican Party.There’s a new investigation of politicization at the Justice Department.But this time, it’s not former President Bush’s appointees who are in the hot seat—it’s President Obama’s.Fox News confirmed he is a designated poll watcher.