Basshunter dating aylar lie

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Basshunter dating aylar lie

desember 1984 i Halmstad i Halland), bedre kjent som Basshunter, er en svensk artist, låtskriver, musikkprodusent og DJ.

Navnet er en kombinasjon av to engelske ord bass og hunter, som på norsk betyr bass og jeger.Enkelte klassifiserer i stedet hans musikk som eurodance.I 2010 deltok Basshunter i reality-serien Celebrity Big Brother 2010, hvor han endte som nummer fire."BASSHUNTER’s JONAS has threatened to sport a BORAT style mankini if his single stays at number one for four weeks.So please readers, for all our sakes, stop buying the bloody song.More coverage for Basshunter - the longest serving number one for a dance track since Eric Prydz "Call On Me"!

He's seen off competition from Britney Spears, Leon Jackson & Adele - who will replace him?!

Irritatingly catchy club track Now You’re Gone looks almost certain to claim its third week on the top of the charts on Sunday. “In fact, if I make one more week, I will wear a mankini (Borat style) and take some sexy pics, if it’s possible to make sexy in an outfit like that!

The Swede, who has a penchant for orgies, told us: “No1 for the third week!

The members of Team Aylar originally included Elita Löfblad, Charlotte Fredriksen, Linn Irene (Linni) Meister, Cathrine Aschim, and Lisa Marie Winther.

she expressed sadness and strong distress and that she was tired of being linked to events ten years in her past, although she acknowledged she may have to live with this part of her life being repeatedly brought to the surface.

) Yes, so everything about this song shouldn't work, and most would argue it doesn't.