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Do you often find you and your loved one going through a list of fun activities you could possibly do together, only to end up being couch potatoes over the latest Korean drama series or "The Walking Dead"?

An MACC source told The Star that Adam, 28, was handcuffed and quizzed for several hours at the commission's headquarters here Thursday.The source added that Adam was detained at 3.30pm, almost a hour after he was interrogated by the MACC."He is now under detention for the next 24 hours," the source said.In the hidden depths of Petaling Street lies a gem called Coffee Amo, a cosy indie cafe known for their 3D coffee art and cutesy chalkboard wall art.Coffee Amo only serves coffee and cakes, and they don't have music playing in the background either.You can either opt to have your cuppa indoors - with a cake or a sandwich maybe - within the modern interior, or in the outdoor aviary.

Either way, it will satisfy both your coffee cravings and your Instagram page.

I dated two (none of the two I lived with) and one of my closest friends is a traditional Malay girl.

God knows why, but we had hundreds of them on our campus.

Eighty men joined a May Day brawl outside of Hospital Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, early bank holiday morning.

Witnesses report that at around am, a group of men, some with motorbikes, ran onto the streets of Pandan Indah and began attacking each other.

The source said that the Commission would apply for a remand order on Friday.