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In fact, the mount is more important than the scope.When America’s oldest golf championship is played on one of America’s newest courses, you know something special is about to happen.

For over twenty years, Ozzie and Harriet lived in marital bliss.Could I rediscover or calculate some Laws (like Kepler's laws) or some other things amateur astronomers would be amazed to calculate themselves (like the distance to a planet) using this equipment? To remedy this, you'll need an equatorial platform, which will move the dob in sync with the sky. There isn't enough back-focus The best photos are taken when you remove the lens from the camera, plug it into the telescope directly, and allow the primary mirror to focus the image directly on the sensor. But most dobs can't reach the sensor within the camera, because their prime focus doesn't stick out far enough. You can take photos of the Moon and the Sun, because the short exposure there does not require tracking, but that's pretty much it.First off, pairing a classic dob with a DSLR is a bit like a shotgun marriage. Most manufacturers don't even consider the possibility that these instruments could be used for data collection via a sensor. The dobsonian is not tracking The sky is moving, the dob stays still. Please note that only the best platforms allow reasonably long exposure times. There are several remedies for this, like using a barlow, moving the primary up, etc. Here is an image of the Moon I took with a home-made 6" dob (with home-made optics) and a mirrorless camera (prime focus, about 1/320 sec exposure): Makes a cute little desktop background, I guess, but it's definitely not research-grade.You can use this site to check out great new videos that have been submitted by new singers from all across the USA.New audition videos for The Voice pop up all the time, so check back as much as possible!For not only was this fledgling course trying to show itself capable of doing justice to our national amateur championship, everyone also knew this would be the trial run for the U. Every imaginable shot, tee placement and green complex had been considered by the course’s architects when preparing Chambers Bay for championship play. You’ve really got to control your ball.” For the 36-hole championship match held on the last day, more than 5,000 spectators followed the final twosome of Uihlein, the Oklahoma State star, and David Chung, the Stanford junior. “It tests shot-making capabilities, rewards well-executed shots and penalizes poorly executed shots.” As the first U. Amateur in history to be played on a public course, and the first ever hosted in the state of Washington, Chambers Bay delivered on its promise exactly the way the USGA hoped it would.

When it was over, when the field had been whittled to one – U. Amateur champion Peter Uihlein – the verdict was clear. The firm and fast layout of the links-style course requires skill and careful course management rather than sheer power from players. Are you ready to land a casting call or tryout for NBC’s The Voice? Casting for the new season The Voice is going to be underway and now you can apply and send in your audition through the web for future castings and try outs. The Hard Drive sex chat community features stunning, girl next door amateur models and the hottest British porn stars, ready for xxx rated action now.Watch porn star webcam girls, create your own sex fantasy shows, and flirt with hot UK porn star models.Could anything eye-opening to amateur astronomers be computed or calculated first-hand with such equipment?