American pottery dinnerware design dating

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American pottery dinnerware design dating

Each drink demanded its own type of pot, cups, and accessories.

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Chinese porcelain was exported to Europe as early as the 1100s, but it was rare and only available to the very wealthy. The company gained success producing a variety of utilitarian pieces for direct sale and to other manufacturers and distillers, such as crocks, whiskey jugs, and oil jars. Bauer, started his life in the pottery business in Louisville, Kentucky at Preston Street Pottery, which was owned by his eldest brother John. Andy struck out on his own, purchasing Paducah Pottery, in Paducah, KY.Business expanded with floral and gardenwares continuing to drive much of the company’s production. In 1922, he retired, selling two-thirds of the company to investors from the Bernheim family of Louisville and the other third to his daughter Eva and son-in-law Watson Bockman. Though the man was gone, the company that bore his name carried on.Despite its success to that point, the company was yet to create the pottery that Bauer’s name is associated with to this day.A wider variety of nursery and floral items joined the line, as well as western-styled pieces befitting the California bungalow aesthetic, such as the Indian bowl. He owned multiple properties in Pasadena and a ranch in Norwalk.

During the next decade, potters Louis Ipsen and Matt Carlton would join the company. He was active in his church and other community organizations. Bauer passed away in his sleep, a little over a month before his 67 birthday.

With patterns boasting eye-catching colors and clever atomic-inspired themes that are so now, these dishes can be as cool to use in your home as they are to hunt down affordably at estate sales and thrift shops.

Learn more about a number of collectible brands and designers of ceramic dishware dating to the 1950s and '60s.

In 1910, after having wintered in Southern California a few times, Bauer decided to seek relief from the Midwestern cold and move his family and business to Los Angeles permanently. Initially, they began producing many of the same items that had been made in Paducah, but they didn’t stop there.

Bauer Pottery quickly added items more suited to their new surroundings.

It’s made of high-quality bone china with 50 percent bone ash content, so it’s thinner, lighter, and appears more delicate than porcelain, yet it’s surprisingly durable and resistant to chipping.

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