Amber heard dating history

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Amber heard dating history

After months of fighting, Amber Heard and Johnny Depp suddenly settled their divorce this week, with Heard donating all of the settlement money to charity.Their relationship was a tabloid magazine’s dream: Hollywood A-lister falls in love with up-and-coming ingenue on set.

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The texts appear to be a conversation between the two in which Depp’s assistant acknowledges that Depp kicked Heard. He's incredibly apologetic and knows that he has done wrong," an alleged text message from Deuters to Heard reads. But LA criminal defense lawyer Sara Azari, who has handled domestic violence cases and lives in the same building as the actors, told FOX411 she saw Heard in their lobby on May 23, the day she filed for divorce, as did building personnel, and noticed nothing unusual about her appearance.

"She was telling friends over Christmas how smitten she is with Elon," one insider tells the tabloid.

"They are already planning a lot of adventures together and she's relieved she can move on with her life," the source added.

When Elon Musk says it, he might Her high-profile divorce from Johnny Depp was one of the ugliest celebrity splits in recent memory, and it doesn't look like the battle is over quite yet.

Though Amber and Johnny reached a settlement back in August, the matter wound up back in court following a bizarre turn of events.

New claims and counterclaims by friends and acquaintances of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard continue to fuel the he said/she said firestorm surrounding the celebrity couple’s acrimonious split.

Heard is alleging Depp physically abused her repeatedly during their relationship.

"It's an exciting new chapter for both of them." Yeah, we imagine dating a billionaire tech genius makes for a pretty exciting chapter.

When most people say they're planning an adventure, they mean they're thinking of taking a road trip next summer.

Later, as allegations of abuse emerged, coverage of their relationship took a noticeably darker turn, with lurid reports — and later video and photos — of violent outbursts and alleged physical abuse.

Here’s a look back at Johnny and Amber’s tempestuous relationship.

Amber Heard’s ex-girlfriend Tasya van Ree has defended the actress against reports of a 2009 incident where Heard was accused of assaulting van Ree, saying the pair were subject to “misogynistic” and “homophobic“ attitudes.

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