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Being a human that grew up in America, I had some baseline of knowledge going into my screening.

I knew the force was strong, Yoda was wise, Darth Vader was Luke’s (and so Leia’s) dad, and Luke and Leia had some sort of Josh-and-Cher romance happening. (Basic Fandom Disclaimer: Keep in mind that I’ve only watched the first film so the musings below are likely wildly obvious and/or short-sighted. From all the clips and parodies I’ve seen of Darth Vader breathing heavily through his mask, I assumed he was some sort of asthmatic Robocop.

The cause of ED is as mysterious as the female orgasm, but don't worry too much!

Drunk Derk also happens to be one of the key signs of alcoholism.

How could I hate the reincarnation of the king that defined the circle of life? “There are alternatives to fighting”; “Stretch out with your feelings”; and “You must do what you feel is right” are just good sense for any happy couple. The SW galaxy has a proliferation of non-human species dispersed among humans—which was excellent—and it even seemed like they got their own bar, which sits alongside Jurassic Park at the top of my fictional vacay list. The film did nothing to clear up that mystery for me. I was originally worried that Leia would be the traditional damsel in distress—and I was never happier to be wrong. Having attended New York Comic-Con, I’ve seen C-3POs galore IRL.

(I’m still fighting the PTSD from that wildebeest scene.) The first flicker of Vader’s commanding baritone raised my spirits like a young Simba over Pride Rock. Finally there’s this line: “In my experience, there is no such thing as luck,” which evokes Cal in Titanic, who, while not a romantic, did leave Rose to find her best match…and made if off the ship alive. Appropriately, A New Hope’s best non-human is also the film’s unsung hero: Chewie. It did, however, show Chewie giving a victorious roar when he received his medal at the end, which was everything I never knew I wanted. She put Han Solo in his place and leaned in to lead the crew to escape the giant trash compactor—all with picture perfect makeup. Imagine my delight when I learned this golden robot had the personality of a fey British dude.Yes, I have seen men as young as 20 stricken with this terrible disease. Perhaps the worse and most easily recognizable problem, "DD" arises after a night of too many drinks. There is nothing worse than making out with a guy, reaching for a handful and finding a package of gummy worms. It's common at frat parties, birthday parties, New Year's Eve, baby showers, Halloween, and wedding receptions. A long time ago (childhood), in a galaxy far, far away (Cleveland), a young girl somehow missed out on watching any of the Star Wars films. By the transitive property, I am a Star Wars princess, and yet my celestial cherry remained unpopped. It’s all the more shocking when you consider that George Lucas’s daughter has the exact same name as I do.The Short Version: Tired of reading the typical cookie-cutter advice on the web? This industrious media outlet was founded to provide women with relevant and accurate content about relationships, love, beauty, success, fitness, and other issues that impact daily life.