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Meanwhile, Washington orders the hunt for Bin Laden to be intensified along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border in the hope of capturing him before the US presidential election, in November.After claiming that its forces have cornered a senior al-Qaida figure in a remote tribal area, Pakistan admits its prey has escaped - probably via a mile-long tunnel running through the battlefield.

In the same week, a group of suspected Islamist terrorists blow themselves up when their flat in the Spanish capital is raided by police.Stephen Mc Gowan, the South African who has been held hostage by al-Qaeda in Mali since 2011, is alive and well, his father says after having received information from a recently released Swedish captive.2004The year begins with the broadcast of a message from al-Qaida's leader urging Muslims to rise up against US forces in Iraq.Two websites referred to in the articles, Jihad University and Terrorist 007, proved to be something other than specific websites.However, this opened the door to thinking about how terrorists were using the internet, if at all.I have to admit the concept of terrorists openly advertising on the web seemed astounding.

Though we all know anything is possible on the internet, it also seemed like a media ploy to drum up more fear.It took al-Qaeda two years to organize its first major attack against the United States: the August 1998 bombing of U. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, which killed 224 people in total, 12 of them American.The United States responded with a quasi-war against al-Qaeda and its state sponsors, which combined a legal indictment of bin Laden with limited military action, including cruise missile strikes in Afghanistan and Sudan in 1998 that killed at least six al-Qaeda personnel.Within a few months of his arrival, he issued a 30-page fatwa, “Declaration of War Against the Americans Occupying the Land of the Two Holy Places,” which was published in a London-based newspaper, , and faxed to supporters around the world. Six years later, American soldiers were still in Saudi Arabia in a bid to contain Saddam Hussein.It was bin Laden’s first public call for a global jihad against the United States. Bin Laden saw the United States as the power behind the throne: the “far enemy” that propped up apostate regimes in the Middle East.The atrocity is initially blamed on the Basque nationalist group Eta but is later linked to Islamist militants.