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" Kind Regards - James CONOMY AUSTRALIA-Trent James, Illinois-Fraidy Cat Rabbit arrived yesterday and it was definitely worth the wait!

Thanks for this Rick, it is going straight into the act replacing my Hippity Hop Rabbits. " - Ray Oulette - Canada"I use larger Hippity Hop Rabbits for stage and parlor but wanted a set for close-up venues. Thanks Rick for providing such fine products to the magic community. " - George Mullican"Received my new Houdini/Vampire Block yesterday.

Along with the spring animal several silks and a spring bouquet of flowers will fit in the hat. I just received the FAB Jumbo Multiplying Wands and they are awesome…best set I have ever seen or used. I have already used them in a show this past weekend. " - Charlie Fass received the "FRAIDY CAT RABBIT" today - and very Happy with it - all went over well in my Shows!

Controlling it is oddly easier – everything is slower, more deliberate, I feel like less chance for flash even though the gaff is bigger, plus it is so much more worthy of the stage and I am pretty sure it’s getting a stronger response from the audience. I get as always - Great Service & will recommend FAB MAGIC - it really is "Fabulous" in all words!

He's on cloud nine and can't wait to show off his new tricks and skills he learned today.

It's always a great experience coming to the FAB Magic shop.

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